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upcoming meets

The table below shows the upcoming meets for the next few months.

Swimmers who are ready to start competing will have been contacted by email. If you are unsure please speak to either Sue, Neil or Wendy. All completed entry forms must be posted in the competition box located by the notice board in Kingsway with the correct entry fees; cheques made payable to "Halton Swimming Club".  Payment can also be made in advance online to the normal account details

If you have any questions regarding the following meets, please speak to Sue, Neil or Wendy. 

Click on the title of the meet to download the documents

Competition Date
Closing date
L&D S&WPA Age Group Championships (Level 2)
21st and 22nd September 2024
Level 3 Licensed Meet
Liverpool Aquatic Centre

Long Course. There are upper time limits. Age on 22nd September 2024

Monday 15th July 9pm
Wirral Metro Autumn Meet
5th - 6th October 2024
Level 3 Licensed Meet
Europa Pools BIrkenhead

Short course, upper cut off times. Age 6th October

Friday 26th July 8pm
Wigan Best Future Stars National Qualifier
18th - 20th October 2024
Level 2 Licensed Meet
Wigan Life Leisure Centre

There are lower qualifying times. Age 31st December 2024.Only times achieved at licensed meets are accepted.

Friday 12th July 9pm
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