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Dear Parent/Guardian


CONGRATULATIONS On your child's success on passing the swimming trial. Now let the fun begin!!!


Halton Swimming Club is a fantastic way to get your child learning all the four different strokes, diving and tumble turns. It will also enable them to keep fit and gain confidence in swimming as part of a team and for themselves within ASA competitions.


There are several different training sessions which your child can attend. These will be discussed with you after your child has completed their initial swim assessment. You can also find details on the training times page.

Please could you ensure that your email address and mobile is given on the membership form as this is needed to keep you up to date with any competitions that your child might be selected for or any individual events that take place.

Important information

Your swimmer should be on poolside 5 minutes before the session start to ensure they are ready to swim for that hour. Unfortunately if they are late arriving to poolside they will not be allowed to swim - this is due to the disruption to the lane when the warm up has started. 

If you are dropping your child off unsupervised please notify a poolside member and leave a contact number in case of an emergency.

Please ensure you are on time to collect your child from the session. You can read the late collection policy here: "Wavepower Late Collection Policy"

Aggressive behaviour towards Halton Swimming Club volunteers WILL NOT BE tolerated. All helpers / coaches are unpaid and are volunteering their time to the club.

Good luck and we look forward to seeing you at the next swimming session.


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