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First Gala of 2020 - Southport Shrimps Relay Gala


First Gala of 2020 - Southport Shrimps Relay Gala

Our first team gala of the year was a new one for Halton Swimming Club. The Southport Shrimps Relay Gala took place on Sunday 19th January at Everton Park.


This is a junior gala aimed at younger swimmers 9-12. ​ ​Swimmers took part in various relays including Freestyle, Breaststroke, Butterfly and a Medley. There were also 3 cannons; girls, boys and mixed. ​ ​


Behaviour by the Halton Swimmers was impeccable and team spirit was high! ​​ ​ Older swimmers were a credit to the club, helping out and supporting those younger swimmers who were understandably nervous about competing for the first time. ​


Thank you as well to the coaches and poolside helpers for helping out. And of course to parents for cheering the swimmers on!

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