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Inter County Konica Trophy 2007

{niftybox background=#7CA6FF,textcolor=white}Grand Central Pool, Stockport 21st April 2007{/niftybox}

Halton were well represented again at The Konica Trophy Inter County Invitation Gala.

Our swimmers contributed to a Cheshire Victory regaining the trophy after a years absence.

Katie Holmes, William Warburton, Lucy Myler, Sarah Louise Banner & Andrew Matthews all represented the Club.

  • Katie Holmes 2nd 15/Over 50m Breaststroke
4th Open 200m Breaststroke
2nd 15/Over 100m Breaststroke
  • William Warburton 1st 15/Over 50m Backstroke
5th 15/Over 100m Butterfly
4th 15/Over 50m Butterfly
  • Sarah Louise Banner 2nd 15/Over 50m Freestyle
2nd 15/Over 100m Freestyle
  • Lucy Myler 3rd 15/Over 50m Backstroke
  • Andrew Matthews 4th 15/Over 50m Freestyle.
All swimmers represented Cheshire in relays also.
The Final Result Cheshire 242 pts
Staffordshire 209 pts
Worcester 179 pnts
North Wales 117 pts
Shropshire 112 pts
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