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In the UK, if in any doubt about any swimming issues, please contact the ASA for legal or technical advice. This page describes the Halton Swimming Club Website, the first club on Merseyside to implement a "Joomla system".

Joomla is a Content Management System(CMS) with a Mysql database integrating CSS and HTML through PHP.

The meaning of Joomla is "all together"; an apt title for open source software that also represents the philosopy of Halton Swimming Club and the swimming community. At any time, click on the Home at the top of the Main Menu section, to go back to the start or move the mouse over the page until you see a hand or arrow, then click the mouse button.

Joomla is "Open Source" and free and many of the modules are also free and freely available from is sited at is the U.S.A.

Some of the images have been generated in Gimp or Inkscape which are open source free graphics programs from The selection of Joomla allows for inclusivity, extensibility, integration and development and demonstrates that the club's continued provision of quality training is matched by its overall social responsibility.

The club would like to thank Carl Thomas for his previous work in the design of earlier pages in javascript and for the provision of some of the content and to Dave Hunt and Carl for their involvement in the initial web site.

Abusive comments or verbal bullying on any of the forums will not be tolerated and will result in site registration being withdrawn.

This site works best using Firefox or Internet Explorer 7+.

Firefox is a fast browser that can be freely downloaded and installed from

Flash header

All images in the Flash header are Halton Swimming Club members in training in 2011

Photos by Paula Stritch. Flash movie composed in CS4 by R.J.Jude

Included Joomla site functions.

Fireboard Forum Online. Members only write, open user read

Community Builder (Automatically emails and links users)

Phoca Picture Gallery. Members only.

Hy-Tek Time database (members only)

Endurance log (members only)

Google map to training facilities

Joomap web site map

Cool News Scrolling function

Simple Image Rotator

Mambweather (Local weather conditions)

Joomla passphrase login protection (passphrase available on request)

Web Messenger

Template Manager (select your own view of the site)

GTranslate (Google Auto Language translation)

New Template was designed and provided by R.J.Jude using Artisteer 3.0.

Artisteer is a template creation program and users can select which view/colour scheme suits them best,

Users can link to each other through the site (restricting email and contact by choice)

Parents Guide to Swimming written by Competition Secretary - Joanne Woodward September 2011

Currently many of the news articles are provided by Coach Neil Flaherty (2011).

Please Submit photos for inclusion with the proviso that:

Club photos involving children should be either head shots, group photos, action photos or the preferred method, which is proudly wearing their Halton tracksuit or T-shirt.  Halton members at galas should always ensure that they register their camera before taking photographs. Once uploaded, photos become the property of Haltonsc and therefore subject to copyright.  

All Members and helpers should read the Code of Conduct documentation

Current Secretary is Carol Hughes

Super Administrator and Webmaster for last 10 years is R.J.Jude

Comments to webmaster or secretary please.

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